Every customer's plate product need is different because every industry and every project requires specific attention to application, material and process.


Sometimes the most economical—and smartest—way to produce a part is to start from plate then form it into the finished product.

Stainless Processing, Inc. is always ready to discuss your product or part, and to recommend the best process based upon our decades of experience. We provide the same level of care through the entire production process for every project that comes through SPI. Combining knowledge, experience, ingenuity and cutting-edge technologies, SPI delivers the highest-quality end result and top-quality products of all quantities, shapes and sizes at a competitive price.

Machined Products

Stainless Steel Plasma Cutting
Stainless Steel Plasma Cutting Edge

The quality of Stainless Processing, Inc.'s machined plate parts really separates us from the competition. Our ability to machine up to 120.00" OD covers virtually all of our customers' needs. The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to machining circular items in our full-line machine shop, with standard tolerances of 1/32" or closer upon request.

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Plasma-Cut Products

Stainless Steel Plasma Cutting
Stainless Steel Plasma Cutting Edge

When customers request plasma-cut plate products they are partnering with a company that has been combining precision CNC control with plasma torches for decades. Plasma-cut plate parts are produced with little or no finishing required, and the process delivers near-laser precision.

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Water Jet-Cut Products

Stainless Steel Plasma Cutting
Stainless Steel Plasma Cutting Edge

When a product requires precise tolerance and low heat affected areas, Stainless Processing, Inc's water jet cutting tables offer the best solution. Water jet-cut products often feature intricate profile details and tight tolerances.

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Bevel Cut Products

Stainless Steel Bevel Cutting
Stainless Steel Bevel Cutting Edge

Beveled edge cuts on stainless steel plate is done in-line as parts are manufactured at Stainless Processing, Inc. Our computer controlled plasma cutting machines feature bevel cutting capabilities that allow for very diverse and precise angled cuts on any edge of steel plate.

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Stainless Processing, Inc. is one of largest and most advanced stainless plate product suppliers in the USA. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales staff will help you develop your project into a finished stainless steel product.

From custom shapes, to burn and turn. From machined-all-over, to custom machining. From profiled-milled, to tube sheets, to any combination of cutting, drilling and machining, Stainless Processing, Inc. is the right choice for your stainless steel products.

Stainless Steel Plasma Cutting
Stainless Steel Plasma Cutting Edge


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