SPI stocks a huge variety of stainless steel grades, gauges and sizes—if we don't have it, we can get it.

Stainless Steel Plate Inventory

Stainless steel is manufactured in various raw forms. Whenever you make anything out of stainless, regardless of grade, you always start with the most economic form of one of these, depending on the desired finished product.

Stainless Processing, Inc. primarily focuses on cutting parts from stainless steel plate, 3/16" thru 6" thick.

When made from plate—as opposed to forged or cast steel—the grade of stainless steel determines some of the characteristics of the finished product. Stainless steel plate offers a variety of thicknesses and grades that possess different physical and chemical properties.

We keep an extensive inventory of prime ASTM A240/ASME SA240 stainless steel plate on hand, and all material may be cut to virtually any shape you require. See our processing section for a multitude of options.

Current In-Stock Stainless Steel Plate

Grade Thickness
321 1/4" - 1 1/4"
2205 Duplex 3/16" - 3 1/2"
316/316L 3/16" - 6"
304 / 304L 3/16" - 6"
410 3/16" - 4"


Available by Request

Grade Thickness
Aluminum 6061 By Request
254SMO By Request
347 By Request
304 / 304L PRODEC ®* By Request
316 / 316L PRODEC ®* By Request
317L By Request

We will be happy to quote other grades as well!

Certification & Traceability

ALL Stainless Processing, Inc. plate is 100% mill certified and traceable at every point in the process. Material certification featuring the exact chemical and physical properties of the material you receive will be shipped with your order. Chemical and physical tests at the time of manufacture determine properties of the material for mill certification.

Stainless Processing, Inc. maintains rigorous procedures to track each ounce of material entered into our inventory back to its original mill certification. Every parent plate and every remnant from the time it is received until the time it is ultimately recycled are completely traceable. Certificates of Compliance, special certifications and third party testing are always available. Special requirements can almost always be met through our exemplary relationship with our mills.

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